Could He Have Been the Best of Them All?????

-David S.-

Josh Gibson

Josh Gibson of the Homestead Grays (Negro Leagues) could be the best hitter of all time.  In his 17 years in the Negro Leagues Josh was credited with around 800 home runs.  Some of them launched unbelievably far.  If  he had the chance to play in the MLB, I believe he could’ve been the all-time home run king easily.  Josh’s career came to a tragic end 3 months before the color barrier was broken by Jackie Robinson.   Sadly, he died of a brain hemorrhage so he never got his big league chance.  If he would’ve lived, he easily would have surpassed 800 and may have even got a shot at the Big Leagues.  Josh Gibson,  was not even noticed because he was African-American and could’ve been one of the MLB’s greatest hitters of all time.    It’s too bad that he never got his big opportunity.   Let’s remember and give credit to Josh Gibson as someone who helped pave the way against racism in baseball.  Let’s continue to be colorblind, we are all on the same team!

“If they came to Josh Gibson today and he was 17 years old, they would have a blank spot on the contract and they’d say ‘Fill the amount in.’  That’s how good Josh Gibson was.”

Junior Gilliam, Baseball Digest, June 1969




One comment

  1. This is a very simple game...

    Very well said, David! When I hear stats like Gibson’s and other Negro League players’ I help but wonder what might have been if there had never been a color barrier. Through their own prejudice, Major League Baseball seriously missed out on some amazing players.
    — Kristen

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